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    Our kitchen offers you regional and Mediterranean delicacies all throughout the day, accompanied by
    a fine drinks selection, coffee and tea specialties. On our blackboards you can find daily changing
    dishes with freshly selected seasonal ingredients. Every day we change our cake offers and dishes for
    lunch and dinner.
    All dishes and drinks can be prepared for you to take home as well!
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    we are an allergy sufferer’s friendly business! our waiters and cooks can inform you about the dishes
    ingredients if you have any form of allergy or dietary plan.
    if you have any further questions our staff is available for you at any time.
    Paul-Robeson-Str.11, 10439 Berlin, Tel.: 030/ 239 28 488, 0152/ 57 11 53 69

Coffee Specialties

extended espresso in a small glass with only a little hot foamed milk

extended espresso with optional milk

Getreidekaffee/ Grande
Grain coffee

Cappuccino/ Grande

Flat White
double espresso with creamy milk foam

Milk coffee/grande
americano with hot milk and milk foam

Grain milk coffee
Latte Macchiato /Grande
foamed milk with one or two shot espresso

Café Elf
hot cocoa with espresso and milk foam

Café Mélange
americano with whipped cream topping and chocolate powder

Hot milk with honey
hot chocolate
Latte Macchiato Baileys 
double americano with ice cubes

Iced coffee
Cold coffee with cold foamed milk and one topping ice-cream

Iced chocolate
Power Chai
Tiger Spice

the finest collection of tea in a pot from ALTHAUS

Darjeeling Castleton
Black tea with a mixture from the famous tea gardens of Darjeeling
with a fruity, aromatic taste and yellow golden cup color
Brewing time: 3-5 Minutes

Assam Meleng GFBOP
This Assam has a full and hearty but smooth aroma
Brewing time: 3-5 Minutes

Blue Earl Grey
Black tea, with cornfield flower leaves in a India-china
mixture and the fresh citrus and bergamot aroma
Brewing time:3-5 Minutes

Rooibos Sweet Orange
A refreshing rooibos mixture, with the aroma of juicy oranges. A
fruity enjoyment with the mild earthy taste that is typical for rooibos.
Brewing time: 4-5 Minutes

Green Matinee
The fascinating composition of a green tea from sencha, refreshing and fruity
aromas, as well as flower petals make this tea a taste to never forget.
Brewing time:2-3 Minutes

Sencha Senpai
Sencha is the most popular green tea in china. It excels throughout its dark
and evenly formed leaf, a delicately tart taste and a yellow green cup color.
Brewing time: 2-3 Minutes

Japanese linden blossom Tea
Japanese linden flowers, very mild and soft with a hint of honey.
Brewing time: 4-5 Minutes

Persian Apple Tea
Fruity and fresh apples, softly combined with the citrus aroma, give
a mild and fine taste.
Brewing time:4-6 Minutes

Lemongrass, a stimulating infusion with the taste of lemons.
Brewing time:4-5 Minutes

French Rose
A herbal tea that gets its tender taste and the emerald cup color
from literal rose blossoms.
Brewing time:4-5 Minutes

Chamomile Meadow
This soft and calming chamomile tea is made of high-quality chamomile
blossoms. it has the characteristic tangy but pleasant taste.
Brewing time:4-5 Minutes


●hot lemon with honey
●fresh ginger
●fresh mint
●fresh ginger- mint
●fresh ginger- lemon
●honey (additionally)

ICED TEA homemade (seasonal)

●ginger- lime
●raspberry- rosemary
●lemon- mint


●hot apple juice
●hot orange juice


Selters Water Still/Sparkling 0,25 l
Selters Water Still/Sparkling 0,75 l
soft drink Zisch: raspberry cassis/ orange/ ginger/ rhubarb 0,33 l
Cola/ Cola light 0,2 l
Tonic Water


apple juice/ spritzer
orange juice/ spritzer
rhubarb juice/ spritzer
cherry juice/ spritzer
banana juice/ spritzer
cherry- banana juice
fresh pressed orange juice


Pilsner Urquell
Weihenstephaner Pilsner
mixed beer with optionally sprite or fanta

Agustiner Helles
Flensburger Pilsner
Erdinger Weiss

non alcoholic beer, made from malt


Open white wines all wines are dry

Riesling Qualitätswein
Weingut Trenz- Johannisberg/ Rheingau
yellow green color, clear and juicy taste with fruity elegance
Grüner Veltliner Qualitätswein
Weingut Hofstetter/ Wagram- Austria
Tender, tangy and juicy. Typically, with fruity, peppery tones

Grauburgunder Kabinett

Weingut Adam Müller- Leimen/Baden
Fine almond fragrance, soft and a little tangy to the palate

 Open rose wines

Rosata Della Casa VDT
Campagnola- Marano di Valpolicella/ Veneto
“Rosé des Hauses”- Cuvée from Molinara, Roudinella, Corvina, Corvinone
Bright rose with fresh, hearty and juicy nuances

Open red wines

Merlot IGT
Corte Viola – Veneto
Fragrances of red currant, light and fresh in taste. May you drink chilled,
even if you want. Only 11,5 vol.

Cabernet Sauvignon Terres Noir- VdP dÓc
Castillon Pere & Fils
Scent of cranberries and elderberry on the palate fine tannins

Chateau De Lacroux Vigne du Castillan- AOC
Fruity On the palate elegantly velvety and racy with light tannins

Syrah Pére et Fils- Hérault/France
Powerfully dark in the color pleasant nuances. After blackcurrant and very harmonious in the finish


Prosecco Metico frizzante DOCTonon Veneto
Fine pearly savoury splash very clear and slightly spicy taste on the palate

Sekt Extra Dry „elfcafe“ our house sparkling wine
Weingut Adam Müller- Leimen/Baden
Weißburgunder und Chardonnay. Heavenly clear and fresh, palate of ripe apples. A sparkling wine
that calls for more than one glass!

Crémant De Limoux Grande Cuvée 1531 Brut
Sieur dÁrques- Languedoc/ Roussillon
A fantastic Crémant, named after the year, it was discovered! Fine notes of green apple and honey, a little bit of pear. Floral notes and white petals. Clear in taste and long in finish. this Crémant de Limoux is one of the best sparkling wines of France. Produced after champagne process. 12 months of yeast storage!

Aperol Spritz
Prosecco with 4cl of Aperol, a little soda, ice cubes, a slice of orange or lemon

Prosecco, elderflower sirup, mint leaves and soda on ice.



Whiskey Ginger Ale
Ice cubes, Ginger Ale (16cl), 4cl whiskey, lime eighth






Scrambled eggs
Made of three eggs, served with butter and one homemade bread roll

additional ingredients for your scrambled eggs:
(you can choose or combine individually)

●herbs, onions
●ham, cherry tomatoes, cheese
●bacon, Salami
●marinated vegetables, mountain cheese
●goat cream cheese

Farmers breakfast
Made of three eggs, bacon, onions, potatoes and herbs, served with one handmade bread roll
(can be made vegetarian, with vegetables by request)

Croque Madame
Toast sandwich with cheese, ham and one fried egg, baked in the oven, served with butter,
salad and fruits

Chocolate Breakfast
One croissant, homemade dark chocolate cream, cheese, fruits and 0.2L bottled orange juice

French Breakfast
One croissant, homemade marmalade, butter, fruits and 0.2L bottled orange juice

Elf muesli
Creamy whole grain muesli, with dried fruits, raspberries, yoghurt, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, maple syrup, fresh mint and fruits

Amaranth muesli *VEGAN
Amaranth muesli with dried fruits of apples, dates, raisins and apricots, raspberries, soy yoghurt, sesame, hazelnuts, walnuts, agave syrup and fruits

Natural yoghurt with fruits
natural yoghurt with candied almonds, fruits and honey

Fruit salad
Apple, cantaloupe melon, pineapple, fresh mint, seasonal fruits and candied almonds

Cheese Plate
goat cream cheese, allgäuer mountain cheese, mozzarella, butter, salad,
Fruits, handmade marmalade, one homemade bread roll and dark bread

Mozzarella Plate
mozzarella, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, rocket salad and pesto, served with one handmade
bread roll and dark bread

Cheese- and ham Plate
mountain cheese, mozzarella, herb curd, salami from Milan, air dried ham, salad, fruits and butter, served with one handmade bread roll and dark bread

Salmon breakfast
smoked salmon, herb curd, raspberry horseradish, one fried egg, salad and fruits, served with one handmade bread roll and dark bread

Avocado breakfast
avocado, smoked salmon, one fried egg, homemade hummus, salad and fruits. served with one handmade
bread roll and dark bread

Vegan breakfast
Beans, avocado, eggplant caviar, homemade hummus, olives, fried vegetables, homemade marmalade and fruits. Served with one handmade bread roll and dark bread.

Couples breakfast
Mozzarella, Spanish cheese, scrambled eggs made of three eggs, air dried ham, homemade marmalade, butter, homemade hummus, avocado, eggplant caviar, fruits and a basket with two handmade bread rolls and dark bread. served with two 0.2L bottled orange juice

breakfast extras

homemade dark chocolate cream
Homemade marmalade
handmade bread roll
smoked salmon
air dried ham
mountain cheese
goat cream cheese
herb curd

all are made with homemade olive- butter cream


Elfer Toast with ham and cheese
Cheese Toast with cheese and homemade marinated vegetables
Goat cheese Toast with goat cream cheese, pear, honey and thyme


Elfer Ciabatta with cheese, salami, ham and pickles
Käse Ciabatta with cheese and homemade marinated vegetables
Ziegenkäse Ciabatta with goat cream cheese, pear, honey and thyme

Avocado Ciabatta (vegan) with Avocado, homemade Hummus and Rucola

(with Onion and Tomaotes with request)

we use cheese from cow-, sheep- and goatmilk


Arnim Salad
Mixed salad, goat cream cheese, pear, candied walnuts and orange dressing

Pasta, sundried tomatoes, olives, rocket salad, grana Padano Reggiano, sunflower seeds and herbal dressing

Avocado Salad
Avocado, Romana salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella and orange dressing

Daily changing, seasonal dishes on our blackboard (from 12PM)


• Pasta with marinated vegetables
• Linguine Bolognese
• Potato gnocchi with goat cream cheese and avocado
• Hummus-Chicken
homemade hummus, fried chicken and salad
• Shakshuka
Tomatoes, vegetables, eggs and cheese

apart from the vegan tarte flambée all are topped with sour cream

• Elsässer Flammkuchen -with onions and bacon
• Goatcheese; with goat cream cheese, pear, thyme and honey
• Mit marinated vegetables and Walnut (vegan)
• Mit geräuchertem Lachs,; with smoked salmon, red onions and raspberry horseradish crème
• Mit Mailänder Salami und Mozzarella ; with salami from Milan and mozzarella


warm milk
warm cocoa or ovolmatine
pasta with butter
pasta with tomato sauce
pasta with cheese

Elf Muesli/ Amaranth muesli

natural yoghurt with fruits